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High FlyingTeams

In the current world of resignations, remote working, and world news that makes our hearts sink, keeping a team together at all, let alone highly functioning is harder than ever.

We at High Flying Teams have the solution!

By bringing together world-renowned Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw, and the Aeronautical skills of Darren Stone, we can provide your team with the skills they need, with some fun and exciting “hands-on” drone flying – in a 6 hour day created to build and enhance your team culture.

Corporate Team Building Just Became REALLY Cool

Forget ropes, paintballs and bridge climbs and discover inclusive team building in the age of technology.

In a work-from-home, remote, hybrid workplace team members can become siloed and isolated resulting in an erosion of team culture and productivity.

Make 2022 the year your team flies higher than ever! Reset team engagement with this innovative, Australian first team-building experience.


High Flying Teams have created a team building approach which is highly inclusive – catering for people with mobility impairments who would otherwise be excluded from traditional team off-sites

Your team will leave this workshop with

Team Day

6 hours on-site at

Drone Games Arena

Unit 21 /31-79 Paisley Drive
Lawnton QLD 4501

  • A happy, excited, enthusiastic, high-performing, high ‘flying’ team

  • A revitalised team culture as team members reconnect, collaborate and learn about each other through exercises designed to build trust and positive working relationships

  • A unique, experiential understanding of team dynamics and how to maximise it through the context of drone games

  • A framework for improving team performance and effectiveness back in the workplace

Why Team Building?

Dedicated To Helping Teams Succeed

It’s hard to feel like a member of a team these days. With almost no face to face time and what feels like endless online meetings, it feels more and more like we are entirely alone.

How can we expect people to work together as a team, when often they don’t actually see each other for days, weeks, or even months. With everyone working alone, the whole concept of “Team Work” has been turned on its head. And yet, it’s more important than ever that our employees feel like they’re part of a team – a part of something special and important.

At High Flying Teams we bring a unique blend of highly skilled education, and mix it with the fun and excitement of flying a drone (in a safe environment of course). By using the theory learnt in the classroom to work as a team in the flying arena, your team will come away not just enlightened, but happy and rejuvenated – ready to face the work challenges they face as a member of a “High Flying Team”


Years of Joint Experience

Darren Stone

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Fully Accredited Drone Pilot

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw

World-renowned Corporate Educator

High Flying Teams Day

What Our Participants Say


High Flying Teams was a unique & engaging session with my fellow colleagues.


A fun and enlightening day!


A fun and innovative way for a team to bond and learn how to problem-solve.


Insightful, fun and interactive program connecting with the team


Irena facilitates and engaging and interesting workshop for insights into high performance teams.


A fun day out as a team. I know we all learnt something and had fun doing it!


Awesome Day – Lots of fun.


Great team-building days! Lots of interesting content and fun honing our drone flying skills.


The integration of the theory and the drone activity was a fun way to learn with the team and learn some drone flying skills


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Managing a happy, healthy and productive team isn't easy, and we recognise that. High Flying Teams is here to help you get your team flying high by providing a great day of team building with some hands-on drone flying (lots of fun) coupled with quality, tried and tested Team Building education from world-renowned Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw.

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